During the period of the Covid-19 virus crisis, Bidford airfield is closed to the public. On 15th May the DfT published revised guidance that now permits limited recreational GA activity from English airfields. The DfT statement is here. Members please see the separate mail you will have received which gives more details. Visitors, please note that the airfield is secured and you will not be able to gain access. If you have a voucher for a trial lesson we will continue to honour it beyond its expiry date. Once restrictions are lifted by the government we will re-open so please check back for status and details on how you can re-book. In the meantime, we hope that all of you remain safe and well and that we can welcome you again at Bidford in the not-too-distant future. Updated 16 May 2020.

Fly with one of our qualified Introductory Flight Pilots and experience the joy of silent gliding flight.

You will take off from Bidford Airfield, and as you climb higher you will be able to take in the wonderful views of the Cotswold Hills. You’ll see the river Avon weaving its way beneath you past the the town of Bidford and on to Evesham. On clear days you can even see the River Severn estuary away in the distance.

If you want, use your 28 days FREE membership and come back and a qualified instructor will demonstrate the controls and give you the opportunity to fly the glider yourself.  Follow this link to find out more about getting started.



Introductory FlightA terrific experience

Our friendly pilots will launch with you in one of our dual controlled gliders behind a powerful tow-plane. At your chosen height, we will release and fly free and silently over the Vale of Evesham.

If you wish, you may follow your pilot through on the controls and you can feel how the glider is flown. If conditions allow, we will climb in rising air and enjoy soaring flight too. After a suitable time, you and your glider will gently glide back to land at Bidford. As you sit in the front seat, you will have a grandstand view. It’s a perfect gift too!

Full details from our office (Wed, Sat & Sun) or to email us Click Here

suitable for ages 12 to pensioner and most sizes too

28 days temporary membership included

enjoy the view take great pictures feel the controls

2000ft flight £95
3000ft flight £125
Mile High! 5280ft flight £195

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Phone us on 01789 778807
or to email us Click Here

Introductory Flight Vouchers

Introductory Flight
2000' Aerotow, Junior (Under 21)
(Includes 28 days membership)

Introductory Flight
2000' Aerotow
(Includes 28 days membership)

Introductory Flight
3000' Aerotow
(Includes 28 days membership)

Introductory Flight
Mile High! 5280' Aerotow £195
(Includes 28 days membership)