Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions but if what you need to know isn’t here, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Q. How long does a flight last?
A. It will depend on the weather conditions and the height of your aerotow.  If conditions are poor and there is limited lift a 2000′ aerotow will typically last 15 minutes however, most flights are longer than this.

Q. Do I get to have a go on the controls?
A. If you want, your Introductory Flight Pilot will be happy for you to “follow through” on the controls so you get the feel of how the glider is flown. If you get the gliding bug, use your 28 day FREE membership to come back and take a flight at member rates with a BGA instructor who will demonstrate the controls and then let you have a try!

Q. Do I have to wear anything special?
A. Clothing does need a bit of consideration.  Gliders are unheated but conversely there is no protection from the sun.  If it’s a dull day it could be cold but if it’s sunny you can get quite warm in the cockpit.  Make sure you have sun glasses, ideally a hat with a small brim (baseball caps are not permitted) and you put a high factor sun block on any exposed skin.  Ladies; you will need to avoid wearing skirts or dresses and make sure you wear flat shoes.

Q. Is there a weight limit to fly in a glider?
A. To fly in a club glider you must not weigh more than 242 lbs (110 Kgs) in total, which includes wearing a parachute weighing  15lbs (7.5 Kgs) therefore your personal weight must not exceed 225lbs.  We have scales in the office and we may ask to check your weight before you are able to fly.  Unfortunately, if you weigh more than this, you will not be able to fly in a club glider.  In some cases, there is also a minimum weight limit.  Each glider varies and we are able to supply additional ballast weights if necessary to ensure that you remain within the limits set for the glider.

Q. Can I take a camera with me?
A. Yes of course but the cockpit is a fairly restricted area so a compact camera or small video cam is best, whatever you take must be attached to your wrist with a strap.  Be warned, if you are susceptible to travel sickness then using a camera may make it worse.

Q. Which seat do I sit in?
A. Training gliders have two seats in tandem; one behind the other.  Typically the instructor will sit in the back seat so you will sit in the front with the best view.

Q. Why do I have to wear a parachute?
A. There are two reasons why you must wear a parachute in a glider.  the main reason is for safety, just like you would wear a seatbelt in a car.  In the unlikely event that anything did go badly wrong in flight it will offer you a safe escape.  The other reason is that gliders are built with seats designed to accommodate a parachute.  If you try to sit in one without a parachute you would be very uncomfortable.  You do not need to have any prior knowledge of parachuting as you will be fully briefed on its use before your flight.

Q. How high are we going?
A. A standard Introductory Flight will go to 2000′ on the aerotow however, you may want to go higher and for this reason you can book an aerotow to 3000′ or the full mile high! (5280′) if required.  During the flight, if there is good lift to be found, you may well get to climb higher than the tow height.

Q. When can I book/fly?
A. We operate on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays weather permitting.

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