Introductory Flights

The Gift of Flight

Whether you have chosen to take an Introductory Flight  yourself, or bought one as a gift for another, we can guarantee a very special experience. At Bidford Gliding & Flying Club your adventure will be one flying in a pure glider which will be towed into the air by a powerful aircraft, this method of launching the glider is called an aerotow. You can choose to take a 2000ft, 3000ft or a 5280ft (mile high!) aerotow, please see the Introductory Flight Price Information for details. If bought as a gift Introductory Flight vouchers have a 6 month validity from the date of issue.

We cater for what you want from your time with us, some simply just want to experience flight in a glider safe in the knowledge there is a highly experienced Introductory Flight Pilot (IFP) at the controls. If your ambition is to learn to fly, then use your 28 day FREE membership to come back for a lesson and your Instructor will demonstrate the controls and give you the opportunity to fly the glider.

Where will I be Flying?

You will take off from Bidford Airfield and as you climb higher you will be able to take in the wonderful views of the Cotswold Hills. The river Avon meanders beneath you winding its way through the towns of Bidford on Avon and Evesham, the higher you fly the more of the countryside comes into view, on clear days you can even see the River Severn estuary away in the distance!P1020521

What shall I wear?

The best advice is dress for the day. Bring a hat, sunscreen if it’s a sunny day, which we hope it is. Wear trouser, jeans or shorts. Shoes or trainers are fine, no heavy coats, boots, or high heeled shoes. Make sure you bring your camera to record your flight, small camcorders are fine, so are digital cameras as long as they have a wrist strap. You do not want to miss this photo opportunity.

Your Safety

When you arrive at the airfield you will be given a briefing by your BGA qualified IFP about Bidford Airfield and its activities, the glider you will be flying and your flight. He will explain the controls and their functions, the safety equipment you will be using during your flight. Your pilot will tell you what to expect during the take off, the aerotow, the flight itself and the landing back at Bidford Airfield.  Please also read the Safety Notes before the day of your flight.  You will need to sign a copy of it before you fly.

What next?

When you return from your flight you can visit our cafe for refreshments, or when the flying day is over join us for a drink in our members bar.

Remember 28 days membership is included in the cost of your Introductory Flight, so if you catch the gliding bug like many do you will be able to fly with us again at members rates.

We look forward to seeing you soon with your family and friends when you experience The Gliding Adventure.

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Introductory Flight Vouchers

Introductory Flight
2000' Aerotow, Junior (Under 21)
(Includes 28 days membership)

Introductory Flight
2000' Aerotow
(Includes 28 days membership)

Introductory Flight
3000' Aerotow
(Includes 28 days membership)

Introductory Flight
Mile High! 5280' Aerotow £195
(Includes 28 days membership)