CFI Frank Jeynes.

Frank Jeynes CFI

BGA Full Category instructor with many years of experience in instructing and competition flying. Nearly 4000 hours in his log book, has 3 diamonds (gliding achievement awards) and a PPL (private pilot's licence). Frank is the Chief Flying Instructor at Bidford, a position he has held for many years.

 Keith Edmunds, Deputy CFI.

Keith Edmunds Deputy CFI

Keith has been instructing since 1980, when he was teaching cadets in the Air Training Corps. He holds a BGA Full Category Instructor Rating and is the Deputy Chief Flying Instructor at Bidford.  Keith seems equally at home in the back (or front) of a two-seater, or explaining the finer points of gliding in front of a whiteboard.

Keith also hold a pilots licence, and flies the tug from time to time.

Dave Findon full cat instructor.

David Findon Full Cat Instructor


 Dave Sandells, half cat instructor

David Sandells Half Cat Instructor


David started gliding in 2000 and since then has attained his Bronze and Silver badges as well as Gold distance badge.  He regularly takes part in competition flying and has flown out of numerous gliding sites.  David also has a National Private Pilots License for Self Launching MotorGliders.  He has been instructing since 2009 and has experience of 24 different glider types and 6 powered aircraft types. 

As well as flying David has also spent many years working on aircraft flight control systems design and lectures in Aerospace Engineering at Coventry University.

Keith Blackstone, Half Cat instructor.

Keith Brackstone Half Cat Instructor

Keith started gliding at North Weald in 1970.  He got his instructor's rating in 1976 at Shobdon. He has since achieved his Gold badge and two Diamonds.  He has flown at 38 gliding clubs and 66 different types of glider.  He currently owns a share in a Duo Discus.    

Alan Braodbridge, basic instructor.

Alan Braodbridge Basic Instructor


 Bill Ingliss Basic Instructor

Bill Inglis Basic Instrustor

Bill’s own first Trial Lesson was in Scotland in 1970! He has been involved with aviation ever since - with a few annoying breaks to earn a living.

When not instructing or towing, Bill flies his Antares 18 metre single seat glider on long cross-country flights and in Regional and National competitions. He is also an experienced power pilot with a PPL plus a lapsed Commercial Licence and Instrument Rating. 


Graham Barlow basic instructor.

Graham Barlow  Half Cat Instructor

Graham first started gliding in 1973 and has been gliding at various sites all in the UK.  He completed his basic instructors course at RAF Halton in May 2008 and since then has mainly been instructing at Bidford where he also has a share in an ASW15b. 

Apart from gliding, Graham is also a powered pilot.


Allan Wallis, basic instructor.

Allan Wallace Basic Instructor


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