Intensive Gliding Training Week with Keith Edmunds

13th – 17th May 2019

Aimed at all levels from pre-solo to I-want-to-be-an-instructor, including IFP and cross-country work. A week of focused training that will move you closer to your goals. There will be instructors, experienced competition pilots, plus Astir and Janus training also available. Great preparation for the 2019 season.

Here’s what people said after previous courses:

“I liked the group discussion/lecture format. – you do always learn something that you didn’t know previously.” – Simon Cook

“I found the course excellent value, presenting a good mix of ground school knowledge briefing, demanding flying, and thorough post flight briefings in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. I would certainly recommend it.” – Graham Barlow

No costs other than normal flying fees

Usual Café and Bar facilities available

Open to all BGFC members – any gliding level

Book in via the Office or Club email

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Phone us on 01789 778807
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Introductory Flight Vouchers

Introductory Flight
2000' Aerotow, Junior (Under 21)
(Includes 28 days membership)

Introductory Flight
2000' Aerotow
(Includes 28 days membership)

Introductory Flight
3000' Aerotow
(Includes 28 days membership)

Introductory Flight
Mile High! 5280' Aerotow £175
(Includes 28 days membership)