Want to Glide?

Photo by Sally TurnerAt Bidford Gliding & Flying Club you will be trained by qualified flying instructors in modern gliders built for the purpose of training pilots and your instruction follows the British Gliding Association Training Syllabus.

How Do I Begin?

A good place to start is with an Introductory Flight. This will give you a taste of what gliding is all about. With an Introductory Flight you can sit back and enjoy the ride with a fully qualified Introductory Flight Pilot. Alternatively you may wish to give a gift of flight by purchasing a voucher as a present for someone else. Introductory Flight prices start from only £75.00 (Juniors, £90 over 21’s) and includes full membership to Bidford Gliding & Flying Club and all its facilities for 28 days. For more information click on the “Introductory Flight Information” link, or call 01789 778807

What if I want to go further?

Gliding into the sunset at Bidford. Photo by Keith EdmundsTeaching you to fly is a serious business, and Bidford Gliding & Flying Club have BGA Qualified Instructors to train you in all aspects of flight. The Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) is in control of all flying activities and co-ordinates the activities of the instructors, monitoring the progress of trainee pilots up to and including their first solo flights. For more information about how our club works and what you can expect as a part of it, read “How We Make It Work”.

Gliding into the sunset at Bidford. Photo by Keith Edmunds

Solo & Beyond

Taking the controls of a glider on your own for your first solo flight is a great moment for any pilots and one that will be remembered for many years. However this is only the start of the great adventure of flight. You may only wish to soar locally, but if your ambition is to fly cross country then Bidford Gliding & Flying Club has not only the gliders equipped for cross country flight but also Full Category Instructors that are all British National Level competition cross county pilots.

I Would Like More Information

Gliding at Bidford is open to all the community. If you would like any further information about how Bidford Gliding and Flying Club can help you achieve your gliding ambitions, including our options for those on low and modest incomes please call us on 01789 7778807 or send us an e-mail

Contact Us

Phone us on 01789 778807
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Introductory Flight Vouchers

Introductory Flight
2000' Aerotow, Junior (Under 21)
(Includes 28 days membership)

Introductory Flight
2000' Aerotow
(Includes 28 days membership)

Introductory Flight
3000' Aerotow
(Includes 28 days membership)

Introductory Flight
Mile High! 5280' Aerotow £195
(Includes 28 days membership)